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With SPM Onboard, Switched PDUs Gain Superpowers

Posted by Josh Schaap on Jul 6, 2016 4:19:44 PM


Previously, we’ve talked about how networking giant Cisco tapped into the power of Server Technology’s High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) when it was time to update the infrastructure in its labs. This week, we’ll look at how Cisco also turned to Server Technology to keep its highly successful WebEx technology at the top of its game.

Anyone who has ever participated in an online meeting or webinar is probably familiar with Cisco’s WebEx technology, which brings high definition audio and video, clear images and more effective communication to virtual collaboration and learning. As you might imagine, the demand for bandwidth and infrastructure to keep WebEx running optimally is a high one. As this demand has steadily increased, Cisco has sought to grow its datacenter infrastructure to avoid exceeding power circuit capacity levels at its internal data centers and colocation facilities.

Ultimately, what Cisco needed most was the right information to make crucial decisions that would impact its capacity planning. Cisco concluded that it needed intelligent power strips featuring the ability to report power consumption remotely. Remote power outlet management was also a must-have for Cisco. Server Technology’s Power Strategy Experts helped guide Cisco toward PDUs from our Switched family of products. With Sentry Power Manager (SPM) installed, Cisco now had the power to gather and analyze data from its PDUs.

As a result, WebEx data centers feature PDUs configured with capacity warning levels, proper strip and outlet naming in addition to outlet management restrictions. Now, Cisco can deploy hardware in rows and exceed the rated power capacity while maintaining the aggregate load under the circuit’s ability to deliver. Uptime has increased and breaker trips are down. Also, Cisco has the ability to monitor temperature and humidity in its Switched PDUs, allowing it to predict whether its hardware is failing or about to fail.

To learn more about how Server Technology helped support Cisco’s capacity planning efforts, read the full case study here.

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