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Why Should I Upgrade My Sentry Power Manager (SPM)?

Posted by Scott Kania on Jan 30, 2015 3:45:46 PM


Often times I am asked, ‘why should I upgrade’? I am generally on the opposite end of this perspective and ask, ‘why wouldn’t I upgrade’? Either way, this is a question that is not as straightforward as it may seem.  Software users are often times hesitant to upgrade out of fear of newly introduced bugs or features which may not work as desired. To put it simply; users are fearful their system will not be as stable or may even degrade by upgrading. That’s rather a mouthful!  ;)

Aside from bug fixes, new features and expanded report options, our later versions are easier to support, offer security enhancements, and eliminate the risk of potentially being stuck with and obsolete version.  Support is often geared towards later versions which addresses more common issues across the customer base.

Log into the SPM Download Center to see the latest revision history/release notes as well as our instructional documents geared directly towards version to version upgrades.


Remember, Be Supported!


Topics: SPM Sentry Power Manager, Server Technology, upgrade, support

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