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Turbocharging Your ROI With SPM + HDOT

Posted by Josh Schaap on Mar 15, 2016 7:00:00 AM


One of our clients, a financial institution, leads the way in providing brokerage and trading services for investors and financial intermediaries across the globe. When this company undertook a revamp of its data centers to add more throughput, reduce cabling and improve overall efficiency, its stakeholders had serious reservations about continuing with the company that provided its original PDUs. In short, the existing PDUs simply didn’t meet its density requirements.

Enter Server Technology.

Through our partners at Cisco, the financial insitution was introduced to Server Technology just as it was attempting to fit six UCS chassis into a 42U cabinet on a 50A three-phase circuit. The company quickly discovered its current PDUs weren’t up to snuff. After considering and quickly dismissing some of our competitors as an option, the company tapped STI. In the end, it was our Sentry Power Manager power management software that sealed the deal for them.

After working closely with our Power Strategy Experts, our client decided to go with a Switched PDU offering a dozen C19 and C13 outlets apiece with 50A three-phase units, allowing the company to power all of the UCS gear in their rack with leftover outlets and power to spare. With the PDU solution in place, we helped the company deploy SPM in its data centers, allowing it to boost its ROI by remotely collecting power information from the PDUs across its entire data center network.

Other benefits realized by our client:

  • Server Technology PDUs worked correctly the first time, right out of the box
  • Our client saves money through increased compute density
  • Our client sees improved uptime and reliability
  • SPM gives our client full-featured management and reporting for making better power decisions across its data centers.

Ready to boost your ROI? Learn more about our HDOT solutions and check out a demo of SPM here.

Topics: Sentry Power Manager, high density outlet technology, Data Center ROI

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