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Pushing the Easy Button: Tips for Remote Power Management

Posted by RJ Tee on Aug 15, 2017 11:50:47 AM

For those of you who are working through the issues of remotely managing your data center power, or are thinking about heading in that direction, we have a few pearls of wisdom.

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Topics: Remote Power Monitoring, remote power management, switched PDUs

The Big Decision: Smart vs. Switched Data Center PDUs

Posted by Erik Stabile on Dec 28, 2016 4:37:24 PM

Recently, many customers have inquired about whether they should implement smart or switched power distribution units (PDUs) into their data centers. After all, when looking at the two products side by side, they appear to be almost identical, as both products offer the following features:

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Topics: switched PDUs, smart pdus, data center power

It’s Time to Declare War on Data Center Power Inefficiency

Posted by Erik Stabile on Jul 25, 2016 1:44:46 PM

Your data center is suffering from severe power inefficiency, with electricity bills costing your business thousands of dollars every month.

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Topics: switched PDUs, PRO2

With SPM Onboard, Switched PDUs Gain Superpowers

Posted by Josh Schaap on Jul 6, 2016 4:19:44 PM

Previously, we’ve talked about how networking giant Cisco tapped into the power of Server Technology’s High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) when it was time to update the infrastructure in its labs. This week, we’ll look at how Cisco also turned to Server Technology to keep its highly successful WebEx technology at the top of its game.

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Topics: switched PDUs

Keeping Up With Data Demands In The Medical Field

Posted by Erik Stabile on May 3, 2016 4:37:15 PM

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Wise, biological scientist in the oncology lab of Christopher Cogle

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Topics: switched PDUs, SPM, case study

An Answer For Every Challenge: Switched PDUs for Capacity Planning

Posted by Josh Schaap on Feb 22, 2016 10:36:30 AM

Switched PDUs for Capacity Planning

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Topics: switched PDUs, capacity planning

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