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The Power of SPM in Enterprise Data Centers

Posted by Josh Schaap on Jan 22, 2016 2:24:05 PM

A must have for every data center manager

Uptime is the top priority of data center operators everywhere, regardless of the company’s size. How you get there is a different story. Some organizations have the capital expenditure flexibility to add extra data and network redundancy to ensure uptime, but for the bulk of businesses out there, the possibility of downtime remains the stuff of nightmares.

Most enterprise data centers feature power redundancy served up from source power plants to the rack level via a pair of cabinet PDUs. However, if there’s a loss of power to the redundant partner and one of the distribution points fails, you’re looking at significant downtime.

Enter the cost-effective Sentry Power Manager (SPM).

A powerful piece of PDU monitoring software from Server Technology, the SPM has the ability to track each side of the power chain along with the combined loads per phase. Cabinet redundancy and circuit modeling give data center operators a heads-up on what’s going on in real time, which is more crucial than ever as power densities continue to increase. And, as densities grow, so do heat loads. The SPM measures temperature at multiple points in the cabinet, allowing you to verify that heat loads don’t threaten the equipment reliability.

A snap to configure, the SPM can be used to push various system, IP and security settings to the PDU en masse. It also lets you automate firmware updates, saving critical time and effort when configuring your PDUs.

Other benefits of SPM:

  • Custom views tailored to users
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Set up cabinet-level redundancy checks
  • Gate who has access to control equipment power
  • Capacity planning tools
  • Seamless integration thanks to an open API

If added network and data redundancy isn’t in your 2016 budget, the Sentry Power Manager is a must-have in order to help you stay powered.

Ready to try it? Download the free SPM demo here.

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