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Sentry Power Manager’s Versatile Reporting

Posted by Linda Kennedy on Oct 10, 2016 2:45:42 PM

Untitled-2-02.jpgWhen you look at report data are you bogged down with boredom? We thought you’d like the top reasons why Sentry Power Manager (SPM) puts bling into power metric reporting. Yes, it really does. After all, it’s SPM – the awarding-winning solution for your data center.

Server Technology firmly believes the information that SPM has waiting for you about your intelligent rack PDUs should support you – not you supporting the information. What if you could easily (and we do mean easily) get exactly what you want to know about your data center’s power and environmental status in a few seconds?

Reporting with SPM is fast and 2-way functionality allows you to make it your way.  Like texting with SPM. Well, sort of.


Here are the reasons why SPM is all about versatile reporting:

  • At-a-glance dashboard. Create NOC views that give you instant and colorful information about overall system status and the operational condition of networked rack PDUs. From the at-a-glance view of the entire system, you can drill-down to the specific working details of each networked device. A slideshow of all views offers you quick visual analysis and fast response to devices. With SPM, you are 100% in charge of your rack PDUs.
  • Totally custom reports. Create reports based on your priorities. Filter various report types with different parameters that are wrapped around more than 30 SPM report types, like Energy Consumed, Inventory, Carbon Footprint, Cabinet Redundancy, and many others. You decide which intelligent PDUs contribute their polled data to your tailored report, so you can see the data center from many different views – and always from your view.
  • Trending. SPM’s Trending feature is your power tool for troubleshooting device operations. Graphical trend reports pull huge amounts of operational data – like temperature and power usage – from thousands of intelligent PDUs. To keep you far ahead in the game, Trending’s predictive analysis is a forecast that uses patterns from historical reports to predict future risks and opportunities about PDU performance.
  • Report independence. You won’t need anything from another department; no engines, tools, or other stuff to buy. SPM reporting frees you from IT and how cool is that. Run your own report online in seconds any time. SPM will even schedule reports to be run and emailed whenever you want.
  • Central reporting. No more cutting and pasting data from here and there to create one patched-up report. All data from intelligent PDUs comes right from within SPM, and you just supply a few mouse clicks. No other travels needed to reach your report data – right here, right now; plus, save time in your data center by sharing any generated report with other SPM users.
  • Great looking reports. SPM reports and trend graphs are high-fashion whether displayed on your screen or rolling off the printer. Before you create a report, you get to preview how the report looks with the filters you selected, like grouping, output file format, time frame, and others depending on the report or trend type.
  • Export several file formats. Not only can you export a report but you can save it to a number of file formats like DOC, PDF, XML, XLS, and others. In a flash, SPM report data is at-the-ready to place into your spreadsheets and presentations.

That’s versatile reporting, right?

For a quick tour of SPM’s Report feature and a closer look at the go-to reports SPM users can’t live without, check out the 2-minute videos SPM Reports in a Nutshell and Top 3 SPM Reports.

Every data center should be using the award-winning Sentry Power Manager, so now’s the time for a test drive with the SPM 120-Day Free Trial.

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