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Sentry Power Manager’s Capacity Planning

Posted by Linda Kennedy on Oct 12, 2016 1:23:18 PM

Untitled-2-01.jpg“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up some place else.”  – Yogi Berra

Since the place you want to end up is in your data center that hums with efficiency, let Sentry Power Manager (SPM) leverage information from your intelligent rack PDUs to assist in cost-effective planning for the inevitable growth of your enterprise. Did you know SPM provides critical capacity information for growth?

These 3 easy ways make SPM as close to a crystal ball as you’ll ever get in your data center:

First, the circuits. An important reason to implement an energy management system is for capacity planning. Understanding not only how much power is available – but also knowing exactly which circuits that power is available on – optimizes use of the data center infrastructure.

Monitoring at the cabinet PDU is the best place to understand the breakdown of power usage throughout the data center. Not only can you use the measurements at the cabinet for understanding the capacity overhead of the branch circuit, but if properly aggregated, you can also estimate the amperage of all stages of distribution upstream.

SPM provides the means to set up physical aggregation points such as locations and zones that relate to power aggregation points within the enterprise – like RPP’s and UPS’s – for trending analysis and threshold alerts.

Next, a view of the future with predictive analysis. Growth in the data center comes with a variety of challenges. Often a major concern is the rising power consumption when equipment and applications are increased.

If you monitor power usage over time, you will often see an up and down usage trend with peaks at various times of the day, week, or month. When usage gradually increases over the long term, you may not notice the growth curve, which can eventually lead to a capacity pinch. To ensure uptime in the worst case scenario, you will at least need to plan for maximum power consumption.

SPM provides a trending feature that predicts – based on two separate parameters for time – what the power usage might be in the future, and an estimated date and time when capacity will be exceeded. What great information! You’ll be able to use it to be proactive about planning for additional needed resources. SPM even lets you set up an email notification to see when in the future the predictive trend shows power thresholds exceeded at the zone, location, or cabinet level. Your data center may change in ways you can’t predict today, but SPM can predict it!

Last, room for growth with cabinet devices. Along with power availability at the cabinet level, you also want to consider the critical importance of space availability for growth.

The physical location of equipment, like servers and switches, often needs the link to the outlets that are providing power to the equipment. Along with the potential need to reboot locked-up equipment, measurement of individual power supply consumption is becoming a priority in many data centers.

SPM provides an easy method for specifying exactly where in a cabinet a specific piece of equipment is mounted.

By assigning outlets from the cabinet PDU to the particular device, you can properly identify where the space and power availability are within each cabinet. Having this information can speed up installations and simplify new deployments. Plus, you can benefit from the high-accuracy outlet measurements of the POPS® intelligent rack PDU for an even more detailed picture of the devices within the cabinet.

So that’s why Sentry Power Manager is one of many great reasons why Server Technology is your power strategy expert!

See for yourself how easy setting up SPM really is in the 2-minute video How to Configure SPM.

Take a closer look at the power of SNAP for mass PDU configuration in the 3-part video playlist Welcome to SNAP.

Every data center should be using the award-winning Sentry Power Manager, so now’s the time to give easy configuration a test drive with the SPM 120-Day Free Trial.

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