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Different is Good: Server Technology & PDUs

Posted by RJ Tee on Apr 10, 2018 9:59:50 AM


What makes Server Technology different from other data center PDU (Power Distribution Unit) manufacturers?  Plenty, as it turns out.  As a company that has been around since 1984 and boasts a who’s who roster of technology-minded customers, we have come to value ‘different’ as one of the best compliments we can receive.

Why?  Because Server Technology stands far apart from our competitors in all the ways that count most for our customers.

Of all the rack power distribution manufacturers, Server Technology has the most patents.  That means we do more research and development in order to bring innovation to the field of data center power distribution.  We find new solutions as quickly as the marketplace changes.  Server Technology is constantly on the lookout for way to save money, power and time. 

As a PDU manufacturer, we’re not afraid to ask, what is a Power Distribution Unit?  It is in this kind of questioning that we can find answers based on what our customers need, not what we think they need.  Power Distribution Units are all we do at Server Technology. In fact, we have over 2,000 parts to choose from.  Our competitors have only 100-200.  Our breadth of knowledge of the server power distribution industry and depth of understanding our customer’s needs is what makes the numbers so different. 

Server Technology loads its PDUs with features as simple as Cable Retention to reduce accidental disconnection and as complex as Star Multi-Linking, so that up to four power circuits can be linked with one IP address.  Yet, we are customer-centric, with options as obvious as Color Coding to designate PDU circuits within the data center, and as intuitive as Power Pivot, a 90 degree rotatable power cord that allows for standardized deployment at any facility no matter where power must be routed.

Want to learn more about which family of PDUs is right for you?  We can help.

Server Technology has PDUs flexible enough to fit and serve any industry, whether it be as closely monitored as a government facility or as remote and rugged as a data center in Nevada.  Either way, and all of the ways in between, you can manage any location from any place with one screen or device.  You can even add the ST Eye Bluetooth module to any PDU for closer inspection.  You soon discover that the best PDU LCD is the one in your hand.

Our customers know that the best part of Server Technology’s difference is in the service we provide.  Our online support has evolved to yield one of the industry’s best tools for simplifying the selection process for your power distribution unit:  the PDU Wizard.  With it, you can decide between Switched and Smart, Metered and Basic and end up with a PDU solution that fits your needs, as different as the families may be.  

See how the Server Technology difference can benefit your power distribution needs today.  Visit the Servertech home page to see how we make different good.  


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