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How To Upgrade to Sentry Power Manager Version 6.0

Posted by Josh Schaap on May 25, 2016 8:39:41 AM

Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager is the central place for managing all the intelligent power distribution units in your data center, providing you with critical environmental and power information. With SPM’s open API, this information can be quickly and easily shared with other systems, such as BMS and DCIMs. In short, SPM gives you a single pane of glass view for your entire data center.  
Recently, we delved into some of the reasons for upgrading to Sentry Power Manager 6.0. These included SPM’s ease of configuration, versatile reporting functions, seamless integration and more. This week, we’ll discuss how to do so if you’re running an older version of SPM, namely version 5.4.

Note: with Server Technology’s new website, some of the steps are slightly different from before. If you have an SPM download account, you need to create a new customer account, which will give you access to SPM downloads. 

  1. Start at the all-new SPM download center.
  2. Register for an account or sign in.
  3. Create and save a current database backup of your SPM 5.4. This step takes a couple of minutes. When it’s complete, save it to a secure location.
  4. Once you’re signed in, click the blue button to download SPM 6.0, and then click the orange button to save your upgrade files.
  5. Go to the SPM 5.4 web interface, navigate to System Setup, select the option Upload – Backup/Upgrade File, click browse to find file you just downloaded, then click Save to start upgrade. Note: Do not interrupt the upgrade process, which can take between one and three hours. It’s best to run the upgrade overnight.
  6. When the upgrade is complete, clear all of your browser’s cache history, then close and reopen your browser.
  7. Log back in to the SPM interface, navigate to Application Help and select the option Product License. Simply verify that the window shows “Version 6.0” and you’re all set.


As always, if you have questions before, during or after the upgrade process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Power Strategy Experts at Server Technology at support@servertech.com. Our job is to help you Stay Powered, Be Supported and Get Ahead.

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