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Smart Load Shedding Ensures Uptime

Posted by Bruce Auclair on Feb 15, 2007 9:02:00 AM

Uptime or zero down time is the key driving factor in today’s data center design and operation with companies measuring downtime in thousands of dollars per minute when a system is not available. Many companies operating Tier III and Tier IV data centers also manage remote sites and co-location facilities that are just as critical as their main location. Managing both remote and co-location facilities requires new innovative solutions to ensure uptime. One such solution is using intelligent Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDU’s) capable of providing Smart Load Shedding capabilities. Smart load shedding allows the operator to load shed based on three key operating parameters; 1) whether the UPS is on battery, 2) the temperature level or 3) the current load. These key parameters allow the user to automatically shed designated, non-critical, devices based on one or all of these conditions ensuring uptime and avoiding damage to the critical devices within the cabinet should a problem occur.

Event based load shedding i.e. UPS status, current level and temperature, is enhanced by the use of a remote shutdown agent. This agent resides on the server and provides a graceful shutdown by letting the server know that it is going to be shutdown and giving the server enough time to run any scripts or perform other operations that are required before the shutdown occurs. This remote shutdown agent is independent of load shedding and a CDU that is capable of working with a remote shutdown agent can provide a graceful shutdown of servers during a standard remote re-boot, if say a server is locks up, or if the other event based conditions occur. The remote shutdown agent provided by Server Technology Inc., has been honed over 15 years of experience with UPS management and server shutdown software. It is capable of operating with many operating systems including Windows, Linux (Red Hat), SLES, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Novell Netware and IBM AIX and is currently being used in tens of thousands of installations.

Even with the best data center design, infrastructure and support, situations will arise that threaten uptime. Implementing switched CDU’s with Smart Load Shedding technology ensures that problems like loss of power to the UPS, cooling problems or over current conditions won’t affect your ability to continue critical operations. Also, knowing that these controls are active 7 x 24 x 365, and will quickly respond to resolve any problems certainly provides piece of mind.

To read more, download the Server Technology Whitepaper on Smart Load Shedding or visit the Smart Load Shedding section of our website .

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