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What’s The Difference Between AC and DC Power?

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Oct 26, 2017 3:45:00 PM

Originally posted on Mar 2, 2015 - updated Oct 26, 2017

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Topics: PDU, power distribution and monitoring, rack mount power strip, server power distribution

Three Reasons to Invest in Power Monitoring This Winter

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Sep 23, 2015 9:09:42 AM

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Right now you and your IT staff are in the process of planning your budget for 2015. During this course of action, have you considered investing in a data center power monitoring solution for your business?  

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Topics: Data Center, power monitoring, IT, efficiency, 2015

Three Reasons You Should Care About Data Center Power Monitoring 

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Sep 14, 2015 9:16:46 AM

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Topics: data center power, data center management, data center power monitoring, data center power savings

The First Step Towards Real Energy Savings Is To Develop A Strategy

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Aug 4, 2015 8:48:00 AM

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Topics: power monitoring

Help Your Data Center's Tenants Save on Power

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Jul 22, 2015 11:08:00 AM

Think about how hard it is trying to get your kids to turn off the lights when they’re not using them. Why don’t they listen? It’s because they don’t pay the bill; and usually, they don’t listen until you start asking them to chip in on the bill.

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Topics: data center power, power management, data center power savings

Three Hard-hitting Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Power Monitoring Software

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Jun 29, 2015 8:33:35 AM

                Image: Sentry Power Manager

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Topics: data center power, Rack Power Management, data center software

Strapped For Data Center Capacity? Server Technology Can Help

Posted by Eric Giacomini on May 27, 2015 9:40:33 AM

Sentry Power Manager Capacity Planning

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Topics: data center capacity, data center capacity planning

Three Ways Power Monitoring Can Change Your Data Center’s Culture

Posted by Eric Giacomini on May 20, 2015 1:07:27 PM

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Topics: data center power, SPM, data center power management, Rack Power Management

Server Technology Wins DCS Awards for Second Year

Posted by Eric Giacomini on May 18, 2015 10:02:34 AM

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Topics: DCS Awards, Sentry Power System, awards

See us at Interop in Las Vegas April 28-30 at Booth 2159

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Apr 23, 2015 1:26:36 PM

Join us in Las Vegas for Interop. Stop by our booth (#2159) and discover the newest solution from Server Technology, an All-In-1 PDU Solution that will help you stay powered and get ahead in your data center strategy. This year, Server Technology was selected to have our PDUs powering the Interop Net and networking racks around the show flow. Stop by our booth to discover why leaders in the data center industy choose Server Technology. Then, don't miss a presentation by Server Technology's Calvin Nicholson as he presents "Power Monitoring and Capacity Planning."

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