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Are you ready for the future of power consumption?

Posted by Erik Stabile on Sep 16, 2015 1:59:43 PM

Consider this: In 2013, U.S data centers consumed about 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. This is enough electricity, as the Natural Resources Defense Council points out, to power every household in New York City. Twice.

Here’s the kicker: By 2020, this figure will climb to 140 billion kilowatts of electricity.

This, folks, is a lot of power consumption.

It will place unforeseen strain on our electrical grids, natural resources and of course enterprise budgets. And it can be expected that this figure will only clime in the following years as data centers become inundated with thousands more connected devices.

The data center power market will therefore become increasingly important as this happens. As electricity usage skyrockets, companies will turn to powerful technologies which can help them monitor and manage their resource consumption. In fact, according to MarketsandMarkets, by 2019 the data center power market will balloon to $23.67 billion.

Server Technology is one company that is leading the charge for responsible energy consumption with its advanced line of power monitoring software. With the help of Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager (SPM), network administrators can  see exactly how their equipment is using electricity in real-time, right from a convenient, centralized location. SPM provides predictive analytics, and a variety of historical reports that administrators can use to optimize their systems.

SPM Noc View

The next few years will certainly be a major challenge for network professionals. But with the help of next-generation power monitoring software, the job will become a lot easier.


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