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What to Consider When Considering Going Colo

What to Consider When Considering Flying Solo

The Smart City Within the Marvel Universe

Cx and the Environment: A New “Intelligent” PDU

Smart City: Systems, Sensors, and Networks

The Role of Efficient and Intelligent Power in the Smart City

A Smart City Overview

Video Review: Take a New Look at 3-Phase Power Distribution

All About the New 3-Phase Power Video

The Dynamic Data Center: 10 Keys to Designing for Flexibility

The Dynamic Data Center: Today’s Growing Demands

The Dynamic Data Center: Driving Lower PUE

A Case for DC Power Distribution, Part 2

A Case for DC Power Distribution, Part 1

What it Means to Go the Extra Mile

Need a Crystal Ball to Predict your Future Rack Power Requirements?

Best of the Stay Powered Blog: 2018’s Top Posts

It’s a Server Tech Christmas, Charlie Brown

'Twas the Night Before a Christmas Poem Got Stolen

Server Tech Cx and Data Center Standardization

Just the Facts Part 2: Data Center Environmental Monitoring Defined

Just the Facts Part 1: Intelligent PDUs Defined

It’s Server Technology Here, Giving Thanks

And What Is a PDU in the First Place?

Then, What is a Switched PDU?

So, What Is an Intelligent PDU?

Halloween, Part 11?

[Pt. 3] New Hardware in the Data Center

[Pt. 2] New Workloads in the Data Center

Critical Facilities Summit 2018

[Pt.1] Hyper Growth, Hyperscale, and Hyper Density in the Data Center

SpiceWorld 2018

HDOT Cx in the Realm of Great Ideas: Part 3

HDOT Cx in the Realm of Great Ideas: Part 2

Unboxing the New Server Tech HDOT Cx

HDOT Cx in the Realm of Great Ideas: Part 1

HDOT Success Part 3:  The Evolution of HDOT

HDOT Success Part 2: Lessons Learned

HDOT Success Part 1:  Staying True to Our Vision

Want to Support High-Density Applications? Try a Three Phase PDU.

Should Labor Day be called Data Center Day?

The Big Decision: Selecting Smart vs. Switched Data Center PDUs

Our Hot New ‘How to ZTP’ Video

Shedding Light on Three-Phase Power - Part 2


Shedding Light on Three Phase Power - Part 1

Ask the Engineer - How do I get 120V from a 208V circuit?

The Benefits of 240/415V Power Distribution in North America

Managing the Challenges of Density

Average Power Density Vs. Peak Power Density

Don't Underestimate the Risk of Human Error in the Data Center

Top Reasons to Use Switched PDUs in Your Data Center

Data Center Managers: Ten-HUT!

Like a Mother, in a Good Way

Rack PDUs:  Making the Choices less of a Challenge

It’s Not Just a Phase

What does a Rack PDU do again?

Servertech and You: Technical Support

Best Practices for High Density Data Centers Start with Server Technology

Different is Good: Server Technology & PDUs

Server Tech and You: Technical References

Servertech and You: Solutions Pages

Server Technology and You: BYOPDU

Don’t Have A Cow About Load Balancing, Man

Server Technology and You: the Rack PDU Selector

The Top Benefits of True HDOT With Alternating Phase Outlets

What is a PDU vs. a Power Strip?

Server Technology and You: Guides and Wizards

Spectre and Meltdown vs. Servertech Rack PDUs

The Advantages of an Uncluttered Rack, Part II

The Advantages of an Uncluttered Rack, Part I

On the Benefits of Alternating Phase

Making Light Work of Configuring with Zero Touch Provisioning

Groundhog Day feat. Server Technology's PDUs

Uptime and the Job of Predicting the Unpredictable

The Rack PDU’s Role in Battling Cyber Threats

Three Immutable Data Center Predictions for 2018

HDOT Family Welcomes Per Outlet Power Sensing PDUs

Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Own Data Center

Server Technology and the Internet of Things: Power at the Edge

2017: What a Year for Server Technology



What’s the Best PDU Solution?

May the POPS Be with You

Protect Your Data Center for the Busy Holiday Shopping Rush

Five Reasons to be Thankful for Intelligent Data Center PDUs

Single vs. Three Phase Power Distribution - Know the Difference

Every Data Center Needs Real-time Reporting

Is Your UPS System Ready for Winter?

Use Data Center PDUs to Reach Your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Who Put the ‘i’ in PDU?

Legrand, North and Central America Expands Data Power and Control Capabilities with the Acquisition of Server Technology, Inc.

Using a Horizontal vs. a Vertical Rack PDU, Part Deux

What’s The Difference Between AC and DC Power?

Environmental Monitoring: Mission Critical Monitoring, or Mission Impossible?

Winter is Coming: Is Your Data Center Ready?

Shouldn’t We Be Talking About Medium Density?

Is Your Power-Hungry Data Center a Liability? Read This

Using a Horizontal vs. a Vertical Rack PDU

Three Data Center Power Goals for 2018

2017: A Record Year for Data Center Investment


Selecting the Right Hyperscale PDU

Hyperscale Data Centers: Thoughts On Support and Service?

Beijing Bans Data Centers with High PUEs

Enhance Your UPS System with Real-time Power Monitoring

Houston’s Data Centers Emerged from Harvey Unscathed

Power Management: A Critical Need for Hyperscale Providers

Hyperscale Data Centers: Do You Use A Bespoke Power Solution...Or Not?

What is a PDU?

On the Subject of Electrical Inequality

Pushing the Easy Button: Tips for Remote Power Management

Back to School and The Dog Days of Summer

Where Density, Square Meters, and Practicality Meet

Use Smart PDUs to Gain Visibility Into Your Data Center

Expect FITARA Extensions in 2018 NDAA

Top 5 Questions From the Edge Computing Webinar Answered

So, You Say Your Data Center Is Green? Prove It!

Location Is Only Half the Battle When Building a New Data Center

Schools: Use Summer to Overhaul Your Data Center Power Strategy

How to Calculate Three Phase Power in the Data Center (And Why it’s Important)

Overcome Environmental Challenges at the Edge with Server Technology

Congrats DCS Data Centre Individual of the Year.....Marc Marazzi!

Can Your Data Center Withstand a Hurricane?

Don't Let Cooling Costs Burn Your Dollars - Save Money With HDOT

Scaling Back Your Data Center? Don’t Forget to Do This

Take Baby Steps to a Greener Data Center

What comes first, the network or the application?

Smart Cities Need Fog Computing with Intelligent Power

Living on the Edge? You Need Remote Power Management

Three Questions for Your Edge Application

Picking the Right Rack Mount PDU For Your Data Center

Top Reasons Your DCIM Strategy Isn’t Working

Hyperscale Demands...

FITARA - Data Center Consolidation Deadline Could Be Pushed Back

Educational Efficiency - Rethinking Your Current Strategy

An Interview with Server Technology’s Marc Cram: Smart PDUs Translate to More Efficiency

Migrating to the Cloud? You Still Need Intelligent PDUs

Experience the Most Game Changing PDU to Date

Three Questions to Ask About Three Phase Power Distribution

Federal Data Centers: Use Switched POPS PDUs to Save Money

5 Reasons to use Intelligent PDUs in Edge Data Centers [WEBINAR LINK]

Data Center Choices - Part 3 Return of the PDU

Top Tools For Data Center Environmental Monitoring

Data Center Choices – Part 2 The Power Strikes Back

10 Things You Need to Know Before Ramping Up to 415 VAC Power

Data Center Choices: A Colocation Facility?

No Room for Errors When Planning for Data Center Power Capacity

Still Using the PUE Standard In Your Data Center?

Fast Mover PDUs | Server Technology

Federal Data Centers: Use Switched POPS PDUs To Slash Power Costs

Innovative Solutions For Government Clients: Part 2

Data Center Power Market Is Poised For Growth

Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Own Data Center (But Should)

The Big Decision: Smart vs. Switched Data Center PDUs

The One, The Only: HDOT With POPS

What Thermal Exhaust Ports Have You Overlooked in Your Data Center?

Use Top Shelf PDUs for your Colocation

Why You Need Intelligent PDUs for Remote Cloud and Colocation Services

Innovative Power Solutions for Government Clients: Part 1

Five Key Benefits of HDOT Switched POPS PDUs

Low on Real Estate, High on Rack Components?

Problem? Not A Problem With HDOT Switched PDUs.

Using a consumer power strip in your server rack? It's time to upgrade.

Monitoring At The Cabinet, Zone And Location Levels

The Right PDU For Your Data Center Power Needs

Data Center Power Management, From The Bottom Up

The Five Biggest Costs of Data Center Downtime

Data Center Operators: It’s Time To Stop Guessing About The Future

How Much Trouble Could One Technician Cause In Your Data Center?

Data Center Power Management: The Key To Success in Silicon Valley

Complexity Is Great In Video Games, Not In Data Centers

Customer-Focused Production At Server Technology

Server Technology Wins Large Company Manufacturing Excellence Award at the 5th Annual EDAWN Existing Industry Awards Event

What Would it Take to Bring Down Your Data Center?

Power Management: The First Step in Data Center Sustainability

Consolidating Your Data Centers? Focus on Power Management

Datacenter Models: Private Cloud

Datacenter Models: Public Cloud

What Type of Datacenter User Are You?

What Rack PDU is Right for You?

Top 10 Reasons to use Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) in Your Data Center

If You Can’t Stand The Heat … Fix It

The Impact of Increased Power Demand In Data Centers

Why Denser Data Centers Are Growing In Popularity

Twelve Key Features of Pro2: Part 2

Twelve Key Features of Pro2: Part 1

Need TAA-Compliant Rack Power Distribution Solutions? We’ve Got You Covered

Server Technology’s Secret Sauce: Support

It’s Time to Declare War on Data Center Power Inefficiency

The Problems And Solutions Of Capacity Planning

How Can Intelligent PDUs Improve Your Data Center?

Top Power Tips For Data Center Managers: Part 3

Top Power Tips For Data Center Managers: Part 2

Upcoming Trade Shows: Server Technology In Vegas, Manchester, Frankfurt

Top Power Tips For Data Center Managers: Part 1

In The Spotlight: Server Technology’s PRO2 Platform

Resources? We’ve Got ‘Em.

Nobody Builds A PDU Better Than Our Customers

Consistent Uptime And Other Reasons Customers Love Us

Server Technology’s HDOT Wins Big At DCS Awards In London

Four Capacity Planning Factors In A New Build

What’s The Real Cost of Data Center Downtime?

9 by 9

Keeping Up With Data Demands In The Medical Field

Why We’re Your Power Strategy Experts

Even More Ways To Get Help On ServerTech.com

Server Technology Takes Home Award for Best Places to Work

Server Technology Wins Pioneer Award for Patents

Server Technology Wins Two Awards From the Northern Nevada Development Authority

Want To Support High-Density Applications? Try a 3 Phase PDU

Vote For Server Technology for the DCS Data Centre PDU Product of the Year

It’s Time For Some Data Center Spring Cleaning

Energy Efficiency And Density In The Modern Data Center

Increased Uptime + Higher Compute Density = Greater ROI

Whack Those Moles: Key Components to Capacity Planning

Planning For Short And Long Term Variations in Power Usage

Zombies In the Data Center: Exclusive Interview With Calvin Nicholson

Do You Really Understand Your Power Usage?

Exclusive Interview With Jack Cleveland, Design Patent

Power Monitoring and Management Simplified

What’s Keeping Data Center Managers Up at Night? Recent Survey Tells All

Stone Soup?

PDUs As A Single System in the Data Center

An Answer For Every Challenge: Switched PDUs for Capacity Planning

Are You as Resourceful as Mark Watney in ‘The Martian’?

All-In-1 Converged Power for Converged and HyperConverged Systems

5G Demand and Data Center Uptime: A Love Story

Before Venturing Into Space, Consider Power Monitoring Solutions

Remote Data Management and Reporting is the cornerstone of reliability

Streamlining Data Center Power Efficiency in the Government Sector

What’s Driving Bandwidth Demand and Why Should You Care?

What We Mean When We Say We're the Power Strategy Experts

Why The Super Bowl is A Model for Data Center Consolidation Perfection

Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Retrofitting Your Data Center? Don’t Use Starkiller Base As A Model (Spoiler Alert)

One Surefire Way to Improve Uptime in 2016

Data Center Capacity Planning in a Retrofit or New Build

Is Capacity Increasing in High Density Data Centers?

100 Percent Data Center Uptime from Day One

Mo Money Mo Data Center Power Problems

Top Five Challenges Data Center Managers Face

Mind the Energy Gap: The Demand for Electricity Continues to Grow

Three Data Center Power Resolutions to Follow Through With In 2016

A Temperate Winter Reminds Us of the Importance of Sustainability

No Crystal Ball Needed: Data Center Predictions for 2016

Avoid A Data Center Power Nightmare Before Christmas

All Energy Resources Must be Monitored in the Data Center

Without Rack Power Monitoring Technology, You’re Skating on Thin Ice

Stay Sustainable At Home and In the Data Center This Winter

Google Soaks Up the Sun With Its Latest Data Center

What Thermal Exhaust Ports Have You Overlooked in Your Data Center?

Batten Down the Hatches! Here Comes the First Waterborne Data Center

'Tis the season for good deeds

NASA Unveils New State-of-the-Art Data Center

Don't miss the DCS editorial: PDU Solutions in a (hyper)converged world

Forget Planning For 2016—Plan for 2024

Don’t Let a World Series Power Outage Scenario Happen to You

Eco-Friendly Initiatives and Cost Efficiency Converge in the Data Center

Server Technology Wins Large Company of the Year Award at the 4th Annual EDAWN Existing Industry Awards Event

Are Vampire Servers Silently Sucking Up Your Data Center Power Supply?

Are You Ready To Meet Your Dream PDU?

Three Important Questions To Ask Before Increasing Your Server Density

Automate processes in the data center to save you time

Data Center Power: It’s A Balancing Act

Living On The Edge: Increasing Server Density Without Power Monitoring

Worried About Hurricanes? Protect Your DataCenter

Want To Reduce Costs For Multi-Tenant Customers?

Five Major Costs of Data Center Downtime

Three Reasons to Invest in Power Monitoring This Winter

Three Reasons Why Every SMB Should Monitor their Rackmount PDUs

Experience Data Center Power Savings You Can See

Are you ready for the future of power consumption?

Join Server Technology at Critical Facilities! 

Three Reasons You Should Care About Data Center Power Monitoring 

Want to Really Stand Up to Climate Change? Start With Your Data Center!

Slash Your Energy Costs To Gain A Competitive Edge 

Two sets of data needed to diagnose your data center

Threats detected

Three Things You Should Know About Your Own Data Center

How Would Data Center Power Fare If It Faced An Unplanned Power Outage?

COMIC: The Cloud

Data Center Power Monitoring: A Critical Back-to-School Investment

Get Ahead with StartUp Stick

Don’t Be a Greenwasher; Prove That Your Data Center Has Reduced Its Power Usage

Work Smarter Not Harder With HDOT Switched

The First Step Towards Real Energy Savings Is To Develop A Strategy

What Can Your California-based Business Do to Help Resolve the State’s Water Crisis?

If Density Is the New Black, then the HDOT PDU is The Fonz

Help Your Data Center's Tenants Save on Power

You’ve Just Been Told To Slash Your Data Center Power Consumption. Now What?

Want To Get Rid Of Your Zombie Servers? Here’s How.

Server Technology - It’s all about resilience

Three Hard-hitting Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Power Monitoring Software

Don't be Homer, take a proactive approach to data center management

Dilbert’s Top 5 Lessons for the Data Center: Number One

Dilbert’s Top 5 Lessons for the Data Center: Number Two

Dilbert’s Top 5 Lessons for the Data Center: Number Three

Dilbert’s Top 5 Lessons for the Data Center: Number Four

Dilbert’s Top 5 Lessons for the Data Center: Number Five

Let’s Talk About Your Business’ Energy Usage

Strapped For Data Center Capacity? Server Technology Can Help

How To Improve The Elephant-sized Power Problem In Your Data Center

Three Ways Power Monitoring Can Change Your Data Center’s Culture

Server Technology Wins DCS Awards for Second Year

Avoid Embarrassing Power Mishaps In Your Data Center

Server Technology Wins First Place for 2015 Best Places to Work in Northern Nevada

Meet Stockholm’s Climate Positive Data Center

See us at Interop in Las Vegas April 28-30 at Booth 2159

3 Reasons Your Data Center Is Losing Money

WATCH: DCD Enterprise NY: How to engineer a PDU

Washington Power Outage Should Be a Wakeup Call for Businesses

Data Center Consolidation: A Great Way To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Downtime Is a Big Problem, According to Fed IT Workers

Why is the data center power market growing so quickly?

Court Orders Schneider Electric (SU) to pay Server Technology a 15 percent Royalty on Future Sales of Infringing PDUs

Five Major Threats Facing Your Data Center

Three ways to be a better leader in your data center

Server Technology recognized as a pioneer in Reno's tech scene

The Five Biggest Costs of Data Center Downtime

Is Your Data Center Part of the Problem Or Part Of The Solution?

Is There a Power Struggle Occurring in Your Data Center?

How Can I Ensure Uptime in My Unpredictable Data Center?

Kill two birds with one stone in your data center this spring

Study Shows Enterprise Data Centers Experience More Downtime Than Co-location Centers

10 Reasons To Check Out the New HDOT Switched PDU

Your All-In-1 PDU Solution - HDOT Switched

HDOT: It’s Better Than the Average PDU

Watch our new video: Stay Powered

Wow! What happened to the Support and Downloads Page?

Look Beyond Your Servers When Measuring Your Data Center’s Power Usage

CAUTION: Your data is trying to warn you!

Got Convergence? Get a Converged PDU

Smoke Signals

Only with Server Technology will you: Stay Powered. Be Supported. Get Ahead.

Server Technology Brings Back the 80s

Every Strong Customer Application Is Backed by a Healthy Server

Server Technology Brings Back the 80s

Load Balancing Made Simple

Question of the Month: How Can I Ensure Uptime in My Unpredictable Data Center?

Putting Your Excess Data Center Heat to Use

How to Get the Green Machine Rolling in Your Data Center

The Five Biggest Costs of Data Center Downtime

Three Data Center Power Resolutions for 2015

Data Center Power Monitoring: Protect Your Infrastructure

On a Budget? Here’s How to Get More Rack Power Cheaply and Safely

Three Reasons to Invest in Data Center Power Monitoring This Winter

Now Is the Time to Embrace Renewable Energy in Your Data Center

Protect Your Investment with a Remote Power Monitoring Solution

Server Technology Wins a TMC 2014 infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award

Server Technology Wins a TMC 2014 infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award

Introducing Fast Movers with Server Technology

Upgrade Your Power Distribution With HDOT Alt. Phase PDUs

The Secret to Safe, Affordable Three Phase Power Distribution

Server Technology Solution Partner Providers (Part 2 of 2 Parts)

Server Technology Solution Partner Providers

A few words about replacing fuses and resetting circuit breakers

What to consider when choosing a Power Distribution Unit

Ask the Engineer

Ask the Engineer – What can be done to become more energy efficient and incorporate Green IT in the Data Center?

Ask the Engineer – Do Server Technology 3-Phase CDUs provide a means for load balancing during IT device installation?

Ask the Engineer – What considerations should be made when selecting a ‘power-strip’, or Server Technology CDU (Cabinet power Distribution Unit) to power the IT equipment in my rack/cabinet?

Ask the Engineer - Will Branch Circuit Protection eliminate concern for tripping an upstream breaker?

Ask the Engineer - Is branch circuit protection on a 20 amp rated power strip required in North America?

Ask the Engineer - How do I calculate power from 3-phase LED readings?

Ask the Engineer - Do you have any rack-mount UPS recommendations?

Ask the Engineer - Automatic reboot when a device fails to respond to a ping request?

Ask the Engineer - How much power should I provision for my cabinets?

Ask The Engineer - Should Neutral Conductors Be Oversized?

3 Phase Power Distribution

Smart Load Shedding Ensures Uptime

Cabinet Level Power Distribution Solutions for High Density Cabinets

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