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On a Budget? Here’s How to Get More Rack Power Cheaply and Safely

Posted by Eric Giacomini on Jan 13, 2015 4:49:00 PM

Like most data centers, your server racks are becoming increasingly dense as you adopt cutting-edge new technologies. This is creating the need for more power in your data center. Your challenge, therefore, is to increase power to each individual rack safely and affordably.

But you are limited in your ability to meet this challenge due to escalating power prices in some parts of the country, particularly in New England where there is a natural gas shortage. Many businesses are also rebounding from the stagnant economy, meaning budgets are still under close surveillance.

So what’s the best solution to deliver power to your server racks? The answer is to migrate to a three-phase power distribution system. Three-phase power distribution generates and distributes an alternating current, which means power that is typically run into the ground in single-phase architecture can be pumped back into the data center. In other words, you gain more power without having to purchase an additional amount when you employ three-phase distribution; you simply optimize the distribution method.

How effective is three-phase power distribution? Research shows that it can increase the available power in a rack by as much as 300 percent. Installing the technology also reduces your copper conductor count, too—meaning you will have more storage capacity.

One of the best parts about three-phase power distribution is that it is safe. Since it uses more branches, there is less chance of experiencing an overload that could severely damage your equipment.

Server Technology’s advanced line of power distribution units (PDUs) combines three-phase power distribution with advanced local and remote power and environmental monitoring capabilities, so you can keep a close watch on your equipment at all times.

Click here  to read Server Technology’s white paper about three-phase power distribution in the data center. 

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