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Protect Your Investment with a Remote Power Monitoring Solution

Posted by Josh Schaap on Dec 31, 2014 3:45:00 PM

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What is the cost of power failure in a 24/7, mission-critical environment? Depending on your organization and the type of operation you are conducting, the results could be devastating. 

For some organizations, power failure could result in the loss of life, or millions of dollars of lost revenue. This is true for space exploration missions, for example, or for military operations where technology must remain up and running at all times. Whether a device is being used to conduct advanced scientific research or to guide a group of soldiers safely to their destination in hostile territory, the same message holds true: certain devices simply cannot fail while they are in use.

As these examples prove, when power failure occurs in environments like deep space, military combat zones or at the bottom of the ocean, performing a physical reconnaissance mission can be risky, exorbitantly expensive or even impossible.

For this reason, system administrators must have the ability to control and reboot mission- critical devices from a remote location at all times.

Server Technology, a leading provider of remote data center power monitoring technology, provides system administrators with this ability through its Sentry PTXL products. These products provide network operations personnel with the ability to perform a variety of remote power monitoring and control functions, so that critical updates can be performed without having to be physically present in the location of the device.

Interested in learning more? Click here to read about Server Technology’s cabinet power distribution solutions for Department of Defense information technology and national security system applications. 

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