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Introducing Fast Movers with Server Technology

Posted by Andy Szeto on Sep 8, 2014 3:00:00 PM

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What are Server Technology Fast Movers? With a 30-year legacy, our desire to meet our customers' ever changing data center power distribution requirements resulted in thousands of designs across multiple product lines. Sorting through this dizzying array to find that right one for your needs is like car shopping. Do I want a base model or tons of features? A compact or full-size? 2WD, AWD or 4WD? Colors? To help relieve some of that anxiety, our product managers identified the Fast Movers consisting of not just popular PDUs, but units with quick turnaround, typically shipping in 2-5 days, and you still get to pick your color.

Where do you find these STI Fast Movers? As you browse through our Products, look for the FM badge on the lower left-hand corner. These Fast Movers are some of our most popular designs and used by some of the industries' most recognized names.

Not finding what you are looking for? Server Technology has thousands of other possible PDU designs available. Still not finding what you are looking for? Try building your own PDU with the Server Technology Build-Your-Own HDOT configurator where you will be able to, well…build your own Smart PDU.

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