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Upset About the Paris Climate Agreement? Here’s Something You Can Do

Posted by RJ Tee on Jun 20, 2017 8:08:00 AM


Business leaders on both sides of the political aisle are charged up about the fact that the U.S. has pulled out of the international Paris climate agreement.

Many companies — particularly those who have been heavily invested in making their data centers more energy efficient — feel like their efforts have been in vain. There is a sense of hopelessness about the state of the climate that is spreading across the country.

Here at Server Technology, though, we are reminding our customers that just because the U.S. is no longer part of the Paris climate agreement doesn’t mean that the struggle is over. In fact, several cities and states are now looking for ways to continue fighting climate change on their own regardless of the strategy that the federal government is now using.

Your business can continue fighting climate change with the help of Server Technology’s advanced data center power monitoring and management solutions.

Server Technology offers a variety of helpful products ranging from basic PDUs to smart and metered options. Server Technology also offers the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) platform, for real-time and historical power reporting.

Using these solutions, you can gain complete visibility and control over your data center’s power consumption.

Remember: If your business wants to truly go green, the fight starts in the data center. Data centers can use a remarkable amount of energy, and oftentimes a large percentage of power is wasted on “zombie” servers that run all the time even though they are not being actively used. The trick is to locate these zombie servers, determine how much energy they are using, and then determine a proper course of action.   (You can learn more about zombie servers here in this interview with Server Technology’s Senior Director of Software and Firmware Development.)  

So if you’re fed up about climate change, then you’ve come to the right place. To learn more about how Server Technology can help your business maintain a responsible and eco-friendly data center, click here.

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