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Legrand, North and Central America Expands Data Power and Control Capabilities with the Acquisition of Server Technology, Inc.

Posted by Legrand US on Nov 2, 2017 1:00:43 PM


The acquisition of Server Technology positions Legrand, North and Central America as a leading provider of data center power and control solutions.

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WEST HARTFORD, Conn., November 2, 2017– Legrand, North and Central America (LNCA), an innovation leader in power, light and data technologies for homes, workplaces and data centers, today announced the purchase of Server Technology, Inc., a leading provider of rack power distribution units and power management software for critical infrastructures such as labs, data centers, and telecommunications facilities. The acquisition will enhance Legrand’s global leadership position in the data center power industry and expand PDU offerings for key customer segments such as hyperscale, colocation, and global enterprise end-users.

Server Technology will become part of LNCA’s Data Center Power and Control division, which also includes Raritan. Both the Server Technology and Raritan businesses will continue to operate independently, offering customers a broad array of products and solutions to meet the complex power demands of today’s constantly evolving data centers.

“The acquisition of Server Technology demonstrates Legrand’s continuing commitment to innovation and leadership in the data center market,” said John Selldorff, President and CEO of LNCA. “Server Technology’s robust offering of intelligent PDU product lines, including -48 VDC, as well as basic power strips, will complement our current PDU and KVM offerings from Raritan and strengthen our ability to meet the complex needs of the data center marketplace.”

“We are excited to join LNCA and provide customers with a broader product portfolio, as well as advanced R&D capabilities and an expanded global reach,” said Brandon Ewing, General Manager of Server Technology. “The combination of Server Technology and Raritan will enable us to provide accelerated product development, better service, and faster response times to customers in North America and across the globe.”

Visit Legrand.us for more information. 

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About Legrand and Legrand, North and Central America

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its comprehensive offering of solutions for use in commercial, industrial, and residential markets makes it a benchmark for customers worldwide. Innovation for a steady flow of new products with high added value is a prime vector for growth, including, in particular, connected devices stemming from Legrand’s globalEliot (Electricity and IoT) program. Legrand reported sales of $5.6 billion in 2016. Legrand has a strong presence in North and Central America, with a portfolio of well-known market brands and product lines that includes AFCO Systems, C2G, Cablofil, Chief, Da-Lite, Electrorack, Finelite, Luxul, Middle Atlantic Products, Nuvo, OCL, On-Q, Ortronics, Pass & Seymour, Pinnacle, QMotion, Quiktron, Raritan, Sanus, Server Technology, Solarfective, Vaddio, Vantage, Wattstopper, and Wiremold. Legrand is listed on Euronext Paris and is a component stock of indexes including the CAC40, FTSE4Good, MSCI World, ASPI, Corporate Oekom Rating, and DJSI (ISIN code FR0010307819) www.legrand.us.


About Server Technology

Server Technology's power strategy experts are trusted to provide Rack PDU solutions for demanding data centers worldwide ranging from small technology startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses. Over 60,000 customers around the world rely on our rack power distribution units and award winning remote power management solutions to increase density, facilitate capacity planning, improve power monitoring, and drive efficiency. Because power is all we do, you will find us in the best cloud and co-location providers, forward thinking labs and telecommunications operations. Server Technology customers consistently rank us as providing the highest quality PDU's, the best customer support and most valuable innovation. Let us show you; we have over 12,000 PDU configurations to fit every datacenter need and 80% of our PDU's are shipped within 10 days. Only with Server Technology will customers Stay Powered, Be Supported and Get Ahead. www.servertech.com


Media Contacts:

Rikki Crea
Director, Corporate Communications
Legrand, North and Central America


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Data Center Power Management: The Key To Success in Silicon Valley

Posted by Josh Schaap on Oct 24, 2016 10:57:06 AM

rpm2-01.jpgSilicon Valley remains one of the largest and most competitive data center markets in America. Right now there is a data center vacancy rate of just 8.2 percent in the region. And according to a new report, the market is expected to continue to experience further growth in the near future.

As is to be expected, rents are sky-high in Silicon Valley. So if you’re planning to open a data center in the area, you’ll have to poke around to find a deal that aligns with your budgetary needs. We recommend you look in Santa Clara, which is an up and coming area of Silicon Valley that is quickly becoming a hotbed for data centers.

Santa Clara, it should be noted, is known for its ultra-low commercial electricity rates. These rates will vary depending on your monthly power usage.

It’s important to realize, though, that it doesn’t matter what electricity rates you are paying if you lack the ability to closely monitor your daily power usage. If you’re not careful, you could easily spend more money on electricity in a month in Santa Clara than in the heart of San Francisco. 

Data centers, after all, use a phenomenal amount of power on a daily basis. And if left unchecked, power consumption can quickly spiral out of control. Just think about all of the zombie servers that are running in your data center right now, sucking up power.

The only way to stay under (or even close) to budget is to invest in a reliable data center power management solution.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever before to control your data center power usage. In the past, data center managers only had traditional power outlets. But recent strides in data center power outlet technology have greatly improved this problem.

Server Technology is one data center power management provider that has been gaining a great deal of attention recently. Server Technology’s smart and switched Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS)-enabled power distribution units provide per-outlet power measurements for data center racks. These products allow managers to track metrics like current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor and power factor.


They also offer the most outlets per form factor in the industry, allowing for greater cabinet densities.

Plus, Server Technology makes the data center power management process easy with its award-winning Sentry Power Manager (SPM) solution. This product centralizes power management, allowing for complete control and visibility over all intelligent data center PDUs.

Using Server Technology’s solutions, you will have a much easier time succeeding in the Silicon Valley data center market. While your competitors struggle with sky-high power bills, you will be tracking your usage and continuously optimizing your facility guided by actionable metrics.

To get started, click here.

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Customer-Focused Production At Server Technology

Posted by Josh Schaap on Oct 17, 2016 9:40:01 AM


When Jeremy Foroszowsky surveys the production of the floor at Server Technology’s headquarters in northern Nevada, he doesn’t notice - as most people would - the amazing beehive of activity, with workers concentrating on assembling some of the world’s most powerful PDUs. Instead, he sees happy customers.

In the end, that’s really Foroszowsky’s job; to ensure that the final product conforms to the exacting standards for which Server Technology has developed such a stellar reputation. Even though his title reads Director of Manufacturing Operations, his ultimate goal is to see that every component of every power distribution unit that comes off of his production line is exactly what the customer is expecting.

The same could be said of everyone else who works at Server Technology, whether they’re an engineer, salesperson, receptionist or CEO, but Foroszowsky also has the added role of ensuring that the products are delivered on time, every time.

That, Foroszowsky says, takes a strong culture of communicating across silos.

“The one thing I’m proud of with my team is the communication we have,” he says. “Understanding all the way throughout the organization what the priorities are and working together as a team – that’s all important to us. Our team is particular here because we deal with so many configurations and complexity of the builds that open and honest communication is crucial.”

In a typical day, the production floor holds 29 employees. Production employees go through daily standup meetings with the production supervisor, who highlights the day’s challenges, including all fulfillment expectations for special and rush orders. With this mindset, Server Technology team members go to their respective stations, which are broken up into four different areas. There is a cord prep area that deals with power cords, two assembly stations and a test station.

Foroszowsky said it’s not uncommon for an employee to rotate stations to keep them engaged and on their toes. The non-linear approach is by design.

“We try to maximize our agility out there, so if you look at our line, it’s segmented. It’s not a linear, straight-through sort of process,” Foroszowsky says. “We want to be more agile than that.”

Once the production day ends, the shift is capped with meetings where the team members discuss challenges, including any quality issues that may have arisen during the day. These are quickly addressed and the lessons carried over into the next shift.

Safety is also a high priority, Foroszowsky says.

“We deal in very high voltage as well as amperage units, so we have not only safety boxes we’ve created, but we have GFI boxes that’ll shut everything down in an instant to protect our employees,” he says. “Going through proper training, making sure they understand what the tests are, that’s critical.

In the end, the team’s top focus is on creating award-winning PDUs that meet – and hopefully exceed – customer expectations.

“We really focus on the customer and on getting things out,” he says.

Learn more about our line of basic, metered, smart and switched POPS PDus here.


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Do You Really Understand Your Power Usage?

Posted by Erik Stabile on Mar 11, 2016 11:45:14 AM


There’s a memorable scene in “All the President’s Men” when the FBI informant famously whispers, “Follow the Money” to Robert Redford, setting him off on an investigation that will change the world. It’s a phrase that’s been repeated time and again over the years and, yes, it even applies to data center management.

When you follow the money, you’re familiarizing yourself with the sources of your data center costs, allowing you to identify high-cost items and gain better control of your expenses. You probably already understand that power and cooling are your high-ticket items. When trying to increase efficiency, the typical response is to operate at higher temperatures or use free cooling to cut costs, but these aren’t always the best solutions. Without the right monitoring tools in place, you’ll never meet your goals.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when measuring power is to overlook it at the cabinet level, as this is where nearly half of your power can be traced. Server Technology’s Intelligent PRO2 CDUs provide power monitoring at various levels beyond the cabinet proper. This will not only help you better understand your power infrastructure, but it’ll show you several ways to increase efficiency and provide for uptime.


Figure 1. Power Monitoring Using PRO2 CDUs PIPS, POPS, and Branch Current Monitoring

Get details and best practices for better monitoring your power consumption and reducing costs in this white paper, “Advances in Power and Environmental Monitoring for Increasing Efficiency in the Data Center.” You’ll learn about: 

  • Infeed monitoring with Per Inlet Power Sensing (PIPS)
  • Branch current monitoring
  • Outlet/device monitoring with Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS)
  • Monitoring at the cabinet level
  • Monitoring at the zone level
  • Monitoring at the location level
  • The effects of increasing temperature
  • Other steps to increase efficiency 

Read the white paper to learn more today.

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Exclusive Interview With Jack Cleveland, Design Patent

Posted by Erik Stabile on Mar 10, 2016 11:27:21 AM


If you wanted to tell the story of the American Dream personified, you couldn’t go wrong by talking about Jack Cleveland. An Eagle Scout who joined the Navy to fight for his country in the Korean War before coming home to raise a family while working and going to night school to better his lot in life, Cleveland reminds you of the old saying, “they just don’t make them like they used to.”

Cleveland, a Texas native, serves as the Senior Design Engineer at Server Technology, where he’s worked since 1993. How he became the STI employee with the most patents to his name is an extraordinary story.

After serving in Korea, Cleveland attended the University of Texas, studying electrical engineering. Always curious about the world around him, he sought to learn more with each passing year.

“I was a Navy radar man who didn’t know anything about electronics,” Cleveland said in a recent interview at Server Technology’s Reno headquarters. “But I was enthusiastic about wanting to know how things worked. I had a sort of natural curiosity about things.”

That inner drive led him to earn his Masters in Engineering before going to work for General Dynamics where he designed instruments for the military’s then-futuristic B58 bomber. He eventually moved west to California, where he worked with pioneering Silicon Valley companies.

By 1993, Cleveland was working for a firm that made surge suppressors, something that caught the eye of Server Technology founder Carrel Ewing. After joining Server Technology, one of Cleveland’s early inventions was for a “remote sensor and method for detecting the on/off status of an auto controlled appliance.” To simplify things, the patent attorney nicknamed it a “tickle,” something that still gives Cleveland a chuckle to this day.  

“Carrel wanted me to build him a small box that would use on/off technology over the telephone line,” he said. “It would detect the ring, then turn a computer on the other end on or off.”

Cleveland will tell you he’s seen a lot of change over the years.

“This company has grown continuously,” Cleveland said. “Even through 2008, when the bottom dropped out of the market, right through the recession, we’ve grown steadily.”

He pointed to Server Technology’s commitment to innovation as one of its recession-proof qualities.

“We started out with a simple microprocessor and now the technology is so much better,” he said. “Now we can measure input current and output current of each outlet and report on that remotely from anywhere on the Internet.” 

These days, Cleveland takes pride in passing on his knowledge to a new generation of STI employees while still serving Server Technology’s customers. It’s what motivates him to come in to work every day, years after many of his contemporaries have retired.

“I’m excited every day,” he said. “I love to get up and come to work. Why would I retire when I do something I love to do every, single day?”

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Average Power Density Vs. Peak Power Density

Posted by Josh Schaap on Mar 1, 2016 1:23:18 PM


Links updated Dec 05, 2017

Do you truly have a grasp on the difference between average rack power density and maximum rack power density across your data center floor? It’s a common mistake not to understand the difference between power density that’s averaged over time and power density peak within a certain time period.

First, let’s clear up some terminology. Because precision matters, it’s better to think of power density averaged over time as “spatial power density variation” and power density peak as “temporal power density variation.” With spatial power density variation, the average spatial power density is dependent upon the data center’s size and often is correlated with infrastructure capacities, and peak spatial power density depends on individual components within the system tied to specific design aspects.

By way of example, a 345 W per square foot data center might contain specifications that 1 MW power and cooling are available for use over 2,900 square feet. If you use the AFCOM standard rack area of 25 square feet, then 116 racks are deployed at a power load average of 8.6 kW each.

With temporal power density variation, average temporal power density depends on regular application loads while the peak temporal power density depends on sporadic application loads.

We delve deeper into the topic of spatial vs. temporal power density variation in the white paper Managing Variable Data Center Rack Densities,” where we also discuss real-life examples of peak allowable power loads and guide you through overprovisioning some or all racks to allow the overall data center to reach the allowable peak.

The paper ties in the density discussion with main data center goals of efficiency, capacity planning and uptime. It also provides guidance for cutting through the fog of how power equipment densities vary within data centers and shows you how to plan for handling the varying densities at the rack level.

Read it here.

Explore our Density Solution

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What We Mean When We Say We're the Power Strategy Experts

Posted by Josh Schaap on Jan 29, 2016 11:58:10 AM

We recently sat down with two of our in-house power strategy pros to talk about what the Server Technology slogan “The Power Strategy Experts” really means. The conversation helped to underscore the importance of doing one thing and doing it well, an idea that’s at the core of the Server Technology philosophy.

Sales Manager Jon Vanhoose

Sales Manager Jon Vanhoose and Regional Sales Manager Mark Hoffert are veteran sales reps with Server Technology who are steeped in knowledge about power distribution. A snippet of their discussion – the first of several to come – follows.

Question: What does the slogan “The Power Strategy Experts” mean to you, Jon?

Jon: We sell power strips. It’s all we do, it’s all we focus on, it’s our core focus and that’s all we’re going to be doing in the future.


Q: How does ServerTech stay on top?

Jon: We’re a quality driven organization and we really set high expectations internally to have 100 percent uptime for our customers. We get in front of the end user to understand what their goals are, and to provide a product that meets their needs in whatever format that would be with cabinet power strips. It’s a partnership more than just a sell-to or a sell-through.


Q: Mark, what does the slogan mean to you?

Mark: We really take the power strategy part of our slogan to heart. It takes a lot of commitment from us to prove to our customers that we are there to understand their situation and to provide a solution for them.


Q: How do you do that?

Mark: We look at the entire ecosystem of the data center starting at the upstream UPSs, the generators, the infeeds coming into the data center…all the way downstream through the UPS, the RPPs, the PDUs sitting on the floor into the rack through the bus system or however it gets delivered. And provide monitoring power at the absolute last piece of the consumption puzzle. We dig deep to understand the entire facility.


 Q: What differentiates Server Technology from other companies in the power business?

Mark: When I’m talking to someone for the first time, I explain that Server Tech has been building power strips for 33 years. That’s longer than anyone else in the marketplace. We have over 48 patents, and that is many times over what our competitors have in Intellectual Property. We have one product, which is rack power distribution, but we have 3,000 flavors. We have many more options and solutions to solve our partners’ problems and really give them what they need versus telling them what they have to use.

Our discussion with John, Mark and other Server Technology power strategy experts will continue in future installments. Learn more about Server Technology’s solutions to help you stay powered, be supported and get ahead here.

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100 Percent Data Center Uptime from Day One

Posted by Erik Stabile on Jan 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM


You already know that increased uptime means a greater ROI, but can you ever achieve 100 percent uptime from the get-go? You can, indeed, as our work with ScaleMatrix shows.

ScaleMatrix seeks to set itself apart from the pack of cloud/colocation providers in the marketplace. The San Diego-based company provides a variety of hosting platforms and services to help companies connect workloads across development, production and disaster recovery environments. When ScaleMatrix set out to create a new type of multi-tenant data center, its team chose Server Technology to assist with its most pressing issues.

The company needed:

  • Reliable rack power distribution
  • Constant visibility to all available power data
  • The most accurate and reliable PDUs

On top of that, ScaleMatrix needed guaranteed 100 percent data center uptime from day one. No problem, we said.

ScaleMatrix’s project called for Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager for power monitoring and management and the Sentry Switched 24- & 48-Outlet Rack PDUs, which are custom designed for ScaleMatrix custom racks.

 “In a facility like this, there are so many moving parts, like PDUs, and they just need to work,” said ScaleMatrix CSMO and Co-Founder Chris Orlando. “It needs to be flawless.”

And flawless it was.

With the SPM and Sentry Switched PDUs in place, ScaleMatrix has been able to provide zero downtime to clients in its San Diego and Houston facilities for the past three years running. Using the Sentry Power Manager, ScaleMatrix provides customers with a single screen dashboard that allows them to drill down into their gear and to the PDU level in real time, Orlando said. 

The SPM has also given ScaleMatrix’s clients useful data such as real-time power monitoring, predictive trend analysis, PDU management as well as security monitoring and reporting.

Orlando also praised Server Technology’s Power Strategy Experts for quick responsiveness and a proactive approach to the partnership.

“They’ve allowed us to reach new heights,” he said. “It’s allowed us to minimize overhead from a cost and management standpoint by providing a better value and product offering for our customers with more features and more flexibility.”

Click here to read the complete case study!

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Managing the Challenges of Density

Posted by Josh Schaap on Jan 7, 2016 7:00:00 AM


When considering implementing a power-dense data center, you face a number of challenges: cost, heat, load balancing, environmental and power monitoring, increased network traffic as well as system configuration management.

With each of these challenges come serious, seemingly prohibitive impacts, but with the proper planning and understanding, it can be done. As the Power Strategy Experts, Server Technology is here to guide you through successfully managing density and data center power.

Let’s start with the obvious: density and operation loading of the compute infrastructure is on the rise within data centers. This is happening for a number of reasons, including the need to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, reduce latency time and to better manage network traffic flow. It’s also clear that as the demand placed on power supplies jumps, so does the need for more power delivery per cord and outlet, driving the necessity for C19 outlets instead of C13s. In short, the days of the pizza box form factor are long gone.

In a recent whitepaper, we’ve done a deep dive on how to better manage density within your high-density data center.

Some key takeaways from the paper:

On data center configuration: “By making use of the available power and configuration management tools provided by the various server manufacturers, the data center designer and operator can come to a consensus on the best approach to achieving the power and compute density needed for their application.”

On thermal considerations: “The ability for modern PDUs to monitor both power consumption and temperature within the cabinet provides a ‘last line of defense’ in the high temperature environment of the exhaust (hot aisle) side of the data center rack … The more individual loads within the racks, the more critical it becomes for the PDU to have granular measurement and reporting capabilities along with supporting the targeted hot aisle temperature.” In the whitepaper, we walk you through computational fluid dynamics software tools and why they make a difference.

On High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT): “With its modular construction and its completely re-thought outlet layout, HDOT provides as many combinations as possible of locking C13 and C19 power outlets, all in a standard form factor that fits most data center cabinets … HDOT is also capable of operating at full power load in a 65˚C environment, allowing the data center to run with a warmer ambient temperature.”

To learn more, take a closer look at the whitepaper and see why Server Technology has been the go-to power solution for labs, data centers and telecom operations for 30 years.

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Server Technology Wins First Place for 2015 Best Places to Work in Northern Nevada

Posted by Brandon Ewing on May 1, 2015 11:24:00 AM


Brandon Ewing, Server Technology President, accepted the award for Best Places to Work, April 30 at the Peppermill in Reno. A big thank you to our employees! 

Learn more about Server Technology

Server Technology's power strategy experts have provided power solutions for labs, data centers, and telecommunications operations for 30 years. Over 60,000 customers around the world rely on our cabinet power distribution units and award winning power management solutions to reduce downtime, facilitate capacity planning, improve energy utilization, and drive efficiency. With the best quality, best technical support and most patents, Server Technology products provide uncompromising reliability, innovation, and value for the datacenter. Only with Server Technology will customers Stay Powered, Be Supported and Get Ahead.

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