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Every Data Center Needs Real-time Reporting

Posted by RJ Tee on Nov 14, 2017 11:14:29 AM


Over the last few years, something has been happening in the business world: Communications have been speeding up at an aggressive pace.

Now, we are living a real-time world where processes that used to take hours or days can now happen almost instantaneously.

This is true across all levels of the enterprise, ranging from marketing to sales to design. And it’s happening in the data center, too. In fact, the data center is now leading the drive for real-time communications.

In the past, for instance, data center administrators were at a major disadvantage while trying to drive power-related efficiencies. Most data center reporting was done manually, in spreadsheets. It took a long time to request and generate reports, and it was hard to share these reports with team members. What’s more, these reports were often riddled with errors.

Human error, it should be noted, is one of the causes of data center downtime.

Now, the data center power monitoring process can be fully-automated with the help of intelligent, IP connected power distribution units (PDUs). By providing real-time power monitoring at the rack level, data center administrators can gain instant access to power usage metrics and then use the information to make improvements that can boost uptime and reduce operating costs.

Server Technology provides a wide array of customizable data center power management solutions including the advanced Sentry Power Manager (SPM) platform. To learn more about how Server Technology can provide your data center with real-time monitoring and reporting technologies, click here.

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Winter is Coming: Is Your Data Center Ready?

Posted by RJ Tee on Oct 20, 2017 10:36:15 AM


As they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming. And while you may not have to worry about ice zombies invading your data center, if you are located in the north may have some tough power-related challenges to face when the temperature plummets.

Some of these challenges may include…

Winter storms: Heavy wind and snowfall can produce local power outages which will put backup UPS systems to the test. So it’s important to make sure that your UPS system is functioning properly. (Real-time power monitoring can help enhance this system)

Heating: Once the weather gets cold, you’ll need to ensure that your data center stays at an optimal operating temperature. Real-time environmental monitoring is necessary to prevent sudden dips or spikes in data center temperatures.  Top tools for environmental monitoring.

Extra bandwidth: This year, analysts are predicting an above-average holiday shopping season. In order to accommodate new customers, many businesses will be firing up reserve servers in their data centers. This can lead to higher operating costs.


Of course, after the holiday season a new year will be here as well — and with it, a new set of challenges for your data center.

In light of this, time is running out to winter-proof your data center. Make sure to take the next few weeks to assess your facility, and look for ways of improving your power management strategy before it’s too late.

Server Technology can outfit your organization with a wide range of intelligent power distribution units, which can provide real-time power and environmental monitoring at the rack level.

To learn more about how Server Technology can keep your data center safe this winter, click here.

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Topics: environmental monitoring, winter, real time monitoring

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