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Dilbert’s Top 5 Lessons for the Data Center: Number Two

Posted by Calvin Nicholson on Jun 11, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Dilbert Lessons for the data center is a five part series. Check back for more! 

Number 2:Cloud Computing is here it stay!

  • If you can buy services from experts that provide them at a lower cost than you can, you would be crazy to not take advantage of them.
  • Fully utilized hardware brings economies of scale which means lower costs for you.
  • Everything I see about the cloud talks about lower power costs and being more environmentally friendly. These topics are mostly related to server utilization and the bold claim of at least 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions in comparison to using on-site servers.
  • Another big advantage is to let the provider worry about disaster recovery and redundancy. The numbers quoted show faster recovery times with your data and applications mirrored across multiple facilities.
  • Zero Cap-Ex costs since you pay as you go.
  • Cloud computing is now a proven, mainstream alternative for SMBs.


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